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Question and Answer, Admission Application

For GTHS First Year Entrance

a person who pass grade 10 for new curriculum or grade 9 for old curriculum
yes, you need to prepare for entrance.
English and Mathematics in Grade 9
၁။ Building Technology (အဆောက်အဦနည်းပညာသင်တန်း) ၂။ Electronics Technology (အီလက်ထရောနစ်နည်းပညာသင်တန်း) ၃။ Electrical Technology (လျှပ်စစ်နည်းပညာသင်တန်း) ၄။ Auto Mechanics Technology (မော်တော်ယာဉ်နည်းပညာသင်တန်း) ၅။ Machining Technology (စက်ပစ္စည်းအစိတ်အပိုင်းများထုတ်လုပ်ခြင်းနည်းပညာသင်တန်း) ၆။ Information Technology (သုတနည်းပညာသင်တန်း)
(A) Original certificate of 9th grade achievement of the relevant principal (date of birth must be included in the certificate) (B) Copy of NRC of both parents and student (C) Original letter of recommendation of good character of the ward administration office (D) Original police report (E) Copy of household table (F) 5 license photos (white shirt) Must be of good character and physically fit.
You can download from the following link Download here

Polytechnic Training

You can apply by getting an application form at Government Technical High School, Magway. (OR ) you can download in here. Download
We will announce in newspaper, school website and facebook pages.
(1) Home electrical wiring training (2) Basic computer training (3) Basic diesel engine repair training (4) Motorcycle repair training (5) Welding training (6) Brick laying training is being taught. You can apply for your favorite courses.