Information Technology Department

The purpose of Information Technology

The purpose of Information Technology is to enable the rapid and accurate access to Information Technology. Today, computer is the only device that can process input data quickly and accurately. Therefore, we will teach about ICT in research and technology using computer and how computer works.

GTHS(IT) certification requires two years of study and two  exams per academic year. In the teaching and learning system, 60% are practical and 40% are theory. At the end of academic year, the first year students are required to complete one month of fieldwork and the second year students are required to complete two months of on job training.

Teacher of IT Department

1U Kyaw Soe NaingB.E(IT)Assistant Professor
2Daw Lai Lai Win ZawB.C.Sc(Hons)Assistant Lecturer
3Daw Nyein Myint ThuA.G.T.I (IT)Laboratory Technician(4)
4Daw Saw Yu ThweA.G.T.I (IT)Laboratory Technician(4)
5Daw Chaw Thet Su KhingA.G.T.I (IT)Laboratory Technician(4)

Ratio of Student and Teacher in IT Department

Major Number of Students Number of Teachers Ratio of student and teacher
Information Technology   25 5 5:1

Subjects for each academic year for IT major students

No. First year Subjects Second Year Subjects
1 Myanmar English
2 English Mathematics
3 Mathematics Software System
4 Physics Networking System
5 Chemistry  
6 Drawing  
7 Computer Hardware system  
8 Basic Computer System